Car Accident

Car accident.

If you've been in a car accident, you may feel your injuries right away or not for days or even weeks. A chiropractor can evaluate and treat you after an accident, both for injuries to the spine and muscles that are immediately apparent and for many of those that are “silent.”

Getting timely chiropractic care can lower the risk of long-term complications from car accident injuries. One study showed that accident victims with neck, upper back and lower back pain who had chiropractic care experienced a significant decrease in pain and increase in movement compared to patients who received a cervical collar and rest. Experts rated 83% of the subjects as “much improved” after chiropractic treatment.

Typical Musculoskeletal Injuries From Auto Accidents

What is remarkable is that many musculoskeletal injuries result from low speed car accidents—the typical being the rear-end collision with vehicles moving 15 miles per hour or less. In such cases, newer vehicles are designed to withstand such impacts with minimal damage, but unfortunately those forces can be transmitted to the occupants instead. The result is injury in situations that you might normally regard as minor.

Here are some common injuries from car accidents that chiropractors see and treat on a regular basis:

Whiplash injury.
    • Whiplash: Wearing seatbelts reduces extreme trauma but increases neck injury, especially to muscles and ligaments. When a crash throws your head forward and back, forces measuring thousands of pounds can be exerted on your neck, but it can take days for the injury to show up. Whiplash can cause dizziness, headaches, blurred vision or a sore neck. Chiropractic treatment includes gentle stretching, working on optimizing alignment, and soft tissue therapies to reduce inflammation and relieve painful knots in your muscles. As you heal, cervical adjustments help restore mobility and range of motion.

    • Herniated discs: A crash can jar spinal discs out of place in the upper, mid or lower back. A herniated disc, which is when the core of the disc bulges through the outer layer, can press on nerves or other soft tissues and cause inflammation, pain, weakness or numbness. Chiropractors use techniques to open up the area and allow the disc to return to position, reducing pressure on nerves and relieving pain and inflammation.

    • Spinal misalignment: Car accidents can throw spinal joints out of alignment, causing instability, pain and reduced function. Spinal adjustments—the hallmark chiropractic treatment—realign your spine, which alleviates pain, increases mobility and encourages the body to heal.

    • Soft tissue injuries: Some injuries to the muscles and ligaments are easy to identify, but others are micro-tears of the delicate soft tissues of the spine. It's important to treat these injuries quickly so they heal properly. Otherwise, scar tissue can form and cause chronic pain and loss of function. Muscle weakness after an injury makes you vulnerable to re-injury, so it's important to help soft tissues heal quickly. Chiropractors may use manual techniques and therapies such as ultrasound, cold laser and mild electrical stimulation to treat injured muscles.

Early diagnosis and treatment is vital after a car crash, and chiropractic treatment can help relieve pain without the use of medication. Although pain medication is frequently used after an injury, it can mask a problem rather than addressing the cause of pain. Some prescription painkillers, like opioids, come with the danger of overuse and addiction. Research has shown that opioid use for the treatment of pain is less common among patients who see chiropractors.

Chiropractors are experts in addressing disorders of the spine, nervous system and supporting structures using conservative, non-invasive techniques that help the body heal naturally. Even if you walk away from a fender bender, consider scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor, who can evaluate you and suggest a treatment plan to address both symptomatic and hidden injuries.

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've been coming to see Dr. Bob since 1984 for my back pain. After each visit, the vast improvement lasts about one whole month. Even after all these years, Dr. Bob continues to provide outstanding care for me, my children, and my grandchildren. I've referred several people to HealthWise Chiropractic, so they too can see the results I have. My favorite part of my visits is the friendliness and professionalism of the staff and doctors and, of course, the results I get that improve my daily living."
    Danny S.
  • "About ten years ago I was at the gym, I bent over and couldn't get up, the pain was horrible. I contacted Healthwise and Dr. Mike gave me an emergency appointment that evening. He did a complete physical and x-ray before he started any treatment. After my first treatment I was able to stand up and walk with minimal pain. With a few visits I was back to normal. I continued treatments as needed for the next several years.
    I see Dr. Bob regularly to stay fit and pain-free. He tests my strength and weakness to determine the best treatment. Our open discussion led him to help my acid reflux. I now exercise and walk as is essential for a septuagenarian.
    I told Dr. Bob that I was starting to get knee pain that I thought was arthritis; I didn't think chiropractic care could help. He told me about new equipment to help. I look forward to improvement.
    I was a skeptic of chiropractic care, now I would recommend HealthWise to anyone with chronic/simple pain. It worked for me. It can work for you!"
    Sherry B.
  • "I was very miserable with constant pain in my leg while knowing it had something to do with my back. My friend surprised me with an appointment with Dr. Bob. After being treated by Dr. Bob I knew right away it was exactly what I needed. I learned a lot through my conversations with the doctor. I am really thankful to Dr. Bob and his staff."
    Ed L.
  • "I had a very limited understanding of chiropractic care until I tried it for the first time 12 years ago. I came in with severe pain in my neck, which prohibited me from moving my head. I was greeted by a kind staff, had an exam and x-rays done on my first appointment followed by an adjustment. I felt so much better after my first adjustment and by following the treatment plan my headaches and migraines improved. My overall health has improved because of chiropractic care. Dr. Bob helps make sure that I am taking the right supplements to optimize my health and fitness performance. They have helped me with allergies, knee and shoulder pain, and earaches. I had no idea when I began my chiropractic journey just how much help the doctors and staff at HealthWise would be at improving my quality of life."
    Britt H.
  • "I have been a patient at HealthWise Chiropractic for over 20 years. In the past and currently I am seeing Dr. Bob, however, I have seen all docs at Healthwise. My general issues are usually seasonally related to sinus and allergies. Recently I have been receiving treatment for my hip and lower back. Dr. Bob zeros in on trigger points and quickly relieves my pain. He is a wealth of knowledge and offers help and suggestion on my health issues. The staff is friendly and helpful. I leave feeling better and I believe helps to keep my body aligned and energized. I have also come in after falls, injuries and surgeries. I truly believe my adjustments at the time added to a quicker recovery."
    Liz B.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Bob for two and half months. . I see him for an adjustment every two weeks. I started seeing a chiropractor for the first time in January 2021 while working in Florida for my continued lower back pain and chronic bilateral hip bursitis. Because my pain was mostly relieved with continued adjustments, I decided to continue with treatment when returning to Wisconsin. I have been very happy with my continued pain relief/adjustments at HealthWise. I highly recommend anyone with chronic back and neck pain to try chiropractic adjustments here at HealthWise. It will make your life better."
    Marianne V.
  • "Really enjoyed the different things that they can do for you and your pain management. Would highly recommend."
    Rhiannon P.
  • "I enjoy coming, getting readjusted and any additional therapies. It has made my life healthier and less stressful. If I have questions, they are answered at that visit. The staff is very professional, personable and friendly. I always look forward to my next visit with them. I am glad to be part of Healthwise Chiropractic family:)"
    Marcella L.
  • "Dr. Mike is fantastic! He is very personable….will take time to really to your needs… I enjoy my visits…the maintenance has helped tremendously…..and he is there when the emergency pops up! Excellent Chiropractor!"
    Ann W.

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