Scoliosis is a lateral (sideways) curvature of the spine that exceeds ten degrees. Most instances of scoliosis are discovered during adolescence; however, it can be developed at any age. In most cases, the cause of scoliosis is unknown. However, in some instances, it is caused by trauma or tumors. Scoliosis can be genetic, so parents who are diagnosed should have their children monitored.


To the patient, scoliosis will manifest itself as back pain and sometimes reduced lung function. It oftentimes limits the amount of activity that a patient can do. Our Doctors of Chiropractic are able to diagnose scoliosis by physical examination/ x-rays.


Our Doctors are able to help with the vast majority of scoliosis cases. However, some severe cases may require surgery. Spinal adjustments and electrical muscle stimulation are frequently prescribed as part of the treatment plan for scoliosis. Though these therapies by themselves have not been proven to reduce scoliosis, they have helped many patients by reducing back pain. Our Doctors also have an array of other therapies available as needed. For most patients, scoliosis is not a debilitating condition and the goal of chiropractic is to prevent it from getting worse.

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