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Chiropractic care is traditionally used to treat musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. Back pain, neck pain and headaches are all common symptoms that can be addressed through chiropractic care. To address these symptoms, our Doctors of Chiropractic use a drug-free, hands-on approach known as spinal manipulations. The category of spinal manipulation includes but is not limited to manual/hands-on adjusting, or classical Chiropractic, instrument adjusting, such as the Pro Adjuster, Arthrostim or Activator, flexion distraction decompression and soft-tissue manipulation. In addition to these techniques, our doctors are able to provide nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle counseling.

Also known as a "chiropractic adjustment", spinal manipulations are at the core of what chiropractic has to offer. These adjustments help restore mobility by applying a highly calculated, directed force to joints that have become restricted as a result of a tissue injury. These injuries could be a one-time event, like shoveling the driveway improperly, or a repetitive strain on your body, like sitting with poor posture for many years. This injured tissue undergoes both physical and chemical changes resulting in inflammation and pain, and ultimately restricts joint movement. By adjusting these joints, chiropractors are able to restore mobility and reduce pain caused by these injuries.
HealthWise doctors are not only experts in hands on care, but also in instrument adjusting. Instrument adjusting is very gentle and may even feel as if very little was done. But when you start to move, you'll notice you have less pain, more range of motion and most likely even feel stronger. How did this happen without the popping and cracking? Our tools are able to analyze your spine and find the vertebrae that are out of alignment and gently tap them back into place. No popping, no cracking, just aligning. Dr. Bob, the founder of HealthWise Chiropractic has some spinal problems that have caused him to develop special techniques that help you feel better and function higher without the customary popping and twisting.

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