Robert Carpenter, DC

Chiropractor located in Hales Corners, WI


Born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan, Dr. Bob’s family was known for one thing, Chiropractic, as his father, grandfather (first in the city) and great uncle were all Doctors of Chiropractic.

He started his educational path by completing a double major at Detroit Bible College, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in both Bible and Music. He told his friends that he did not know what he wanted to be but he knew that this degree would give him the foundation for where ever the road led. During that season of his life, his music took him around the Midwest, covering over 65,000 miles a year. He was seriously considering full-time ministry but the death of his father and other life-changing experiences moved him in the direction of following in the “family” business.

Dr. Bob graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in October 1977 and established his practice in November of that same year. Yes, that makes 40+ years. (He doesn’t act that old though.)
Professionally, Dr. Bob spent over five more years in intense study completing five post-graduate certifications; Sports Injury, Chiropractic Rehabilitation, Industrial Injury and Ergonomics, Impairment Rating, and Nutritional Counseling.


He has been chairman of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association’s fall convention, a member of the Chiropractic By-laws Committee of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association, District Chairman for the American Chiropractic Association/P.A.C., Chairman of the Worker’s Compensation Committee SE district, and a sports injury consultant for both Athletes in Action and Heritage Christian School. He is also the West African representative for the Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps. In 2009 Dr Bob was nominated for the position of Director of Community Healthcare for Sub Saharan Africa by an international non-profit in 2009.

Dr. Bob has a well-known desire to help as many people as possible gain the highest levels of health and functionality possible. Striving toward this goal led him to establish Back in Action, a Milwaukee-based physical therapy company that had five locations. It also led to building a chain of eight Chiropractic clinics which comprised HealthWise Chiropractic.

These efforts further resulted in the establishment of a national Chiropractic billing company. And, after selling his first billing company to his business partner, Dr. Bob worked with the largest Chiropractic software company, ChiroTouch, to establish CTProBill. He also found time to start a second, independent billing company, HealthWise Professional Billing.

More recently Dr. Bob opened the Realief Neuropathy Centers of Milwaukee/Madison to meet the needs of patients suffering from the debilitating effects of peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Bob continues to study the latest technology to help patients live better and function higher. At the top of the list for breakthrough technology, he has developed HealthWise into the premier Class IV Laser clinic in Wisconsin.


​Family and friends. Yes, when asked Dr. Bob will tell you he is proudest of his 46-year marriage to Carol and their four children, five grandchildren,and one “grand-puppy.” He also will tell you that he has developed wonderful relationships with his patients that stem 40 years of practice. HealthWise is a warm, caring environment and it is not by mere chance, as in any organization, it comes from its leadership.


It all started when Dr. Bob volunteered to go on a mission trip to a place he thought was only a city, for he had never heard of Burkina Faso. Over 25 years later, he is the Exec. Director of the ministries of Francophone Ministries for Christ. Schools, orphanages, healthcare clinics, church plants and their #1 success, radio (with eight stations) are just some of the accomplishments.

Dr. Bob is currently in talks with the Ministry of Health to establish Chiropractic as a legal profession with equal standing to all other healthcare professions in the country. He was driven to do so by the tremendous need for spinal care and no providers to fill the need. He has already started two very successful clinics and looks to have a third in the near future.

He is also inviting those interested in the Adventure of Faith to talk to his Go-Team leader, Britt, about making a difference. Like to go but don’t know what you would do? Let’s talk. You can also help financially by donating to the ministry like so many of our HealthWise patients. Just talk to Britt at the front desk.


Dr. Bob continues to study the latest technology to help patients Live Better and Function Higher. At the top of the list for breakthrough technology is the class four laser. Dr. Bob has helped suffering patients from all over the Midwest, making HealthWise the premier class four laser clinic in Wisconsin.

He is working with Doctors around the world to establish a village-by-village sustainable healthcare model with hands-on, non-drug dependent healthcare. He invites you to be part of the thousands that are sharing the wonderful benefits found in living the HealthWise lifestyle.

Dr. Carpenter's Accepted Insurance

Dr. Carpenter only accepts Medicare and Medicaid.