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An estimated 20 million people are affected by the numbness and pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. At HealthWise Chiropractic in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, the skilled team of chiropractors offers cutting-edge, noninvasive treatments to resolve the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, including laser phototherapy with the Realief® system. If you want to reduce your need for medications and still find relief of chronic pain, schedule a consultation with the providers at HealthWise Chiropractic online or by phone today.

Peripheral Neuropathy Q & A

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Your peripheral nervous system is responsible for sending information from your central nervous system to the rest of your body. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that results from nerve damage to this system that causes weakness and numbness in your body.

Primarily affecting your hands and feet, peripheral neuropathy can also develop in other areas of your body, eventually causing a worsening of symptoms and persistent pain that interferes with your functionality.

You can develop peripheral neuropathy from nerve damage common with having diabetes or undergoing chemotherapy. Other potential causes of peripheral neuropathy include:

  • Injuries
  • Infection
  • Hereditary disease
  • Metabolic disorders

Peripheral neuropathy can also result from untreated vitamin deficiencies or long-term alcohol use.

What are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

Depending on which of the peripheral nerves are damaged, you can experience a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Tingling
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Stabbing pain
  • Throbbing ache

If your sensory nerves are damaged, you may have difficulties recognizing touch sensations, including hot and cold. If you have damage to your motor nerves, you may experience difficulties controlling muscle movements.

Symptoms of damage to the autonomic nerves include changes in your bladder and bowel habits or abnormalities in your blood pressure or heart rate.

How can chiropractic care treat peripheral neuropathy?

While there’s no cure for peripheral neuropathy, regular chiropractic treatments can alleviate your pain and restore functionality.

The experienced team of chiropractors at HealthWise Chiropractic offers a variety of treatments for peripheral neuropathy-related symptoms and chronic pain. They offer Realief, a neuropathy treatment protocol that uses laser phototherapy to repair damaged nerve tissue. Laser energy stimulates the regeneration of healthy tissue to provide long-term relief of pain and other symptoms.

Realief therapy not only can restore your functionality, but it can also reduce your reliance on pain medications that often carry side effects. Treatments are fast and require no invasive procedures or downtime.

In addition to regular laser treatments, the team at HealthWise Chiropractic may recommend massage therapy and lifestyle modifications to further enhance your results.

If you’re looking for alternative solutions to chronic pain and other symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, consider the many benefits of Realief phototherapy available at HealthWise Chiropractic. Schedule a consultation online or by phone today.