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The unique anatomy of your shoulder makes it possible to throw a ball or reach high over your head. When the joint or other parts that make up your shoulder are damaged or diseased, you can experience chronic pain and limited functionality. To enhance your shoulder mobility, the skilled chiropractors at HealthWise Chiropractic in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, offer the latest chiropractic techniques, including manual adjustments and massage therapy. Find out more about custom treatment plans available at HealthWise Chiropractic by calling the office or using the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

What causes shoulder pain?

You can develop persistent pain or limited range of motion in your shoulder due to a variety of underlying medical conditions or injuries. One of the main causes of chronic shoulder pain is overuse injuries in the muscles due to your occupation or participation in sports like baseball and tennis.

Other common causes of shoulder pain include:

  • Direct trauma
  • Joint disease
  • Joint instability
  • Nerve compression

As you get older, you can also develop pain in your shoulders as your bones begin to wear down and rub together.

What can I expect during an evaluation for shoulder pain?

During your initial visit, your HealthWise Chiropractic provider reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam of your shoulder. They test your range of motion and may ask you to perform certain movements to identify the source of your pain.

Once they understand the type of shoulder pain you have, your HealthWise Chiropractic provider creates a custom treatment plan that may include one or more chiropractic techniques, like:

  • Laser therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Manual manipulations
  • Adjustment with instruments

Mechanical motion therapy™ (MMT) is also available. This treatment requires you to make certain movements while your HealthWise Chiropractic provider delivers precise thrusts of force using chiropractic instruments, like the Activator®.

You may receive your first treatment during your appointment, with the goal of relieving pain and increasing your overall shoulder functionality. While you may feel some relief after your first treatment, your HealthWise Chiropractic provider may recommend routine appointments to enhance your results and correct the root cause of your pain.

How does laser therapy treat shoulder pain?

At HealthWise Chiropractic, you can receive treatment with advanced Class IV laser therapy for relief of chronic pain. This treatment delivers laser energy deep into the tissues surrounding your shoulder to reenergize your cells and improve blood circulation in the area.

Laser treatments also stimulate your body’s own healing process, reducing inflammation to allow soft tissue injuries to heal faster and more efficiently.

Treatments take less than 10 minutes and the HealthWise Chiropractic providers offer in-office laser therapy for your convenience. There’s no need for downtime or recovery after laser therapy. In most cases, you can see the optimal effect of therapy with a significant reduction in pain and improved range of motion within 24 hours after treatment.

When shoulder pain starts interfering with your personal life or work, consider the many benefits of chiropractic care at HealthWise Chiropractic. Schedule an appointment online or by phone today.